Reaching Bucks & Montgomery County with the Gospel​

Convinced of Christ’s desire for unity among His followers, and motivated by His command to go and make disciples, BMCE exists to bring churches together to reach the Bucks-Mont region with the gospel message.

Upcoming Events

Spring Business and Professional Breakfast

May 9 at The Franconia Heritage Restaurant • $20/person

Featuring guest speaker Terry S. Derstine

Monthly on Thursdays at 8:30 AM

BMCE Monthly Meetings

September 14 at Christ Reformed Church of Telford

Hosted by Scott Nice

October 12 at Flatland Church

Hosted by Tim VanderStel • Preface & Chapter 1-2

November 9 at Calvary Baptist Church of Lansdale

Hosted by Pete Radford • Chapter 3-5

December 14 at Leidy's Church

Hosted by Sam Wells • Christmas Breakfast

January 11 (TBD)

Hosted TBD • Chapters 6-7

February 8 (TBD)

Host TBD • Chapter 8-10

March 14 at Palisades Bible Church

Hosted by Corvin Seltzer • Chapter 11-13

April 11 at Valley View Bible Church

Hosted by Ryan Weberg • Chapter 14-16

May 9 at Broad Street Grind

Hosted by Phile Shade • Chapters 17-19

Contact for more information.

Our Purpose


To promote the unity of the Body of Christ in the Bucks-Mont area.


To provide coordination among participating local churches in areas of common outreach and concern.


To call all Christians to their vocations of witness and discipleship.


To remain financially accountable to the local community, including participating businesses, churches, and individuals.

What we do

Pastoral Gatherings

Monthly Pastoral Gatherings to encourage fellowship, sharing of concerns, focused study, and praying for one another.

Fellowship Breakfasts

Semi-annual Fellowship Breakfasts featuring local believers who share the story of the Lord’s work in their lives personally and professionally.​

Special Events

Special events such as evangelism workshops, ministry resources, etc. from time-to-time as opportunity and resources allow.​

Church Connections

Provide communication linkage between congregations, pastors, and other ministries.​

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