About Us

The Bucks-Mont Coalition for Evangelism is a voluntary association of local churches – pastors and lay persons – who are working cooperatively to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to bring renewal to the Bucks-Mont area, and to raise up disciples who follow Jesus as Lord of their lives.

What We Believe

  • All Scripture is inspired by God in its entirety. The Bible is completely authoritative and infallible in all that it teaches, and is the standard by which every way of thinking and doing must be judged. That is to say, the Bible is inerrant.
  • There is only one true living God. He exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Salvation is found in no thing or person other than Jesus Christ. Only through regeneration by the power of the Holy Spirit applying the redemptive work of Jesus’ blood shed on Calvary’s cross may anyone be restored to a right relationship with the one true living God.
  • There is only one Body of Christ, only one Bride of Christ, even though there may be multiple expressions of the Body of Christ in any one geographic area. By the power of God’s Word and Spirit the various members of the Body are held in spiritual unity.

Executive Committee

Pastor John H.C. Niederhaus

Matt Rittenhouse

Blooming Glen Mennonite Church

Business and Professional Committee

Norm Hartzel

Calvary Church of Souderton

Men’s Ministries

Pastor Corvin Seltzer

Sam Wells

Crosspoint Baptist Church

Pastoral Coordinator

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